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Built to provide unlimited sexual gratification, this device was marketed as Venus II from Oct. '93 to April '98 and since then as Venus 2000.

It is a one-of-a-kind, hands free masturbation aid with controllable stroking action, that gives powerfully satisfying orgasms. Enjoy sensual stroking for hours!

Venus 2000 ... For Men
Venus 2000 is a revolutionary hands-free masturbation aid that delivers intensely powerful orgasms. The unique natural gum rubber liner delivers a realistic and familiar feel while the stroking action brings you to full orgasm at your desired pace. Operating the V2000 is easy. Simply insert yourself in the lubricated liner, turn on the unit and adjust the stroke length and speed. You will be well on your way to experiencing powerfully gratifying orgasms in no time!


An erotic enhancement for men. Believing Masters & Johnson and the Kinsey Report , the average man thinks about sex many times during the day. How often do you imagine sex or get the urge? Consider the phone and Internet sex business today; a multi-billion dollar industry reflecting a vast need for sexual companionship and release.

How the V2000 Works

This illustration shows the two ends of a stroke. The Receiver is moving back and forth this distance at whatever speed you prefer; hands-free.

VENUS erotic enhancement for men


Downloadable VENUS 2000 Manuals

Assembly Instructions for Receivers, Head Massagers, Nipple Massagers and Pumps as a downloadable PDF.

The Venus 2000 instruction manual as a downloadable PDF.

How Does the V2000 Work?

The V2000 utilizes stroking action combined with the push and pull of air at a high speed through a specially designed diaphragm. This generates an extremely pleasurable sensation on the penis and allows the user to experience fully satisfying orgasms at his convenience. The V2000 will work on an erect, semi-erect or flaccid penis.


Two Different Units
The V2000 comes in both remote-control and non-remote control versions.

Advantages of the Remote-Control Unit:
The main advantage to the remote-control unit is the ability to place the unit farther away. Since the speed control and On/Off switch are on a 4’ cable, this gives you greater freedom when enjoying the V2000. Here are some examples of where you can place the remote-control unit while in use. 

Please note: when detached, there is nothing on the unit to indicate what it is or what it does

Advantages of a Non-Remote Unit (On/Off switch and speed control are on the unit):

Please Note A V2000 purchased without a remote-control cannot be upgraded.

Features of the V2000

Compact Size: The V2000 dimensions are as follows: 6" high, 8" wide, 9- 1/2 " long and weighing only 11 pounds.

Handle: Well balanced making it very convenient to use.

Quality Gearmotor: The unit is powered by a high quality 1/16 HP Bodine Electric Co. Gearmotor with a 15:1 ratio.

Heart of the System: The specially engineered, one-of-a-kind diaphragm is the heart of the system. It has the ability to push and pull air and high rates of speed creating extreme sensation, all while remaining virtually silent.

Quiet: The V2000 is extremely quiet. It generates minimal sound and is almost inaudible at slower speeds.

PERSONALIZED STROKE-LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: The V2000 contains 5 internal settings that control the amount of airflow. When you submit your measurements we choose a Receiver to fit you and then set the internal settings at what we would consider as optimum for you. If you wish to experiment with this you may but generally speaking, the factory settings accommodate the majority. Once properly set, most users do not need to make any further adjustment.

FINE AIR ADJUSTMENT: The degree of arousal (erection) sometimes requires a fine adjustment to control the stroke length. Each V2000 package includes an air control box to easily make this adjustment.

Additional Control: When you wish to stop the stroking action immediately, you can press the off button on the lighted On/Off control. When you wish to resume, the unit will revert to the same stroking speed when you turn it back on.

Safety: All electrical components are high quality, and fuse protected. This assures the user worry free operation. We include a spare fuse with each V2000, should you ever need one.

Sleek, Discrete and Ambiguous: All components of the V2000 are black, including: the case, handle, feet, power cord, remote control cord, remote control box, and even the tubing. There are no logos or identification on the V2000. It has an attractive, yet nondescript black textured housing. All cords and hoses disconnect from the unit for easy convenient storage. When traveling you can identify it any way you wish. EXAMPLE: "Its my rock polishing machine."

Precise Speed Control: The stroke speed is controlled from the beginning to end of rotation via the speed control knob. The V2000 has a wide range of speed varying from 8 to 300 strokes per minute.

Easy Setup: In under 2 minutes the unit can be set up and ready for use.

Easy to Put Away: With the purchase of the Zippered Bag, all accessory parts can be put away in moments.

The V2000 Custom Fit Attachments

There are Four Accessory Attachments available for the V2000.

Receiver: This is the primary attachment. Its design and purpose is to provide the user with gratifying hands free masturbation in conjunction with the V2000 system, with or without an erection. It can also be used manually, but requires the user to have an erection. This enclosed stroking device is custom built to your measurements for a sensual fit and has a removable end cap for quick and easy cleaning.

Pump: The pump is a vacuum attachment for the V2000 system. It operates by pulling blood in, enhancing your erection. It also has the ability to fully engorge a penis from the flaccid state. Regular use of the V2000 pump system promotes penile health by maximizing the amount of blood flowing into the organ.

*Head Massager: (HM) An erotic foreplay device. The V2000 causes it to do a squeeze-release action wherever placed. Used by many before switching to a Receiver. Manual HM use does not provide the squeeze-release action and requires an erection.

*Nipple Massager: (NM) Another device used for erotic foreplay, the nipple massager stimulates the nipples or breasts with the same squeeze-release action as the head massager. Another feature of this attachment is the ability to create suction, similar to that of the Pump (instructions are included for configuration). This attachment is available for purchase individually or as a pair. If you purchase a pair we will include a “Y” connector and two 12” lengths of hose. Most women enjoy the squeeze-release action of this attachment.

* All HM/NM Attachments Ship with an End Cap. They are the same item. When using as an HM you remove the End Cap. When you use it as an NM, you leave the End Cap on. Note: By placing a "Y" connection in the large hose, certain attachments may be used at the same time.

Housings for Attachments are Available in Three Diameters and Several Lengths:

All Housings are available in: 2”, 2.5” or 3” inside diameter. They are constructed from clear acrylic plastic and have an airport on the side for connection to the V2000 via the supplied hose.

All Head Massager / Nipple Massager units are 3" in length.

Receivers and Pumps are stocked in the following lengths: 6”, 7”, 8” and 9”.

Receivers are sized so the Housing is a minimum of ½” longer than your erect penis, while the Pump is 1” longer.

While 80% of men fit into the 2” housing, with 6” in length being the most common, we do have the ability to create any custom length that you require.

Liner Material is Available in a Variety of Sizes:

The function of the liner material is to stimulate and massage the full length of the penis during each stroking motion inside the receiver. Additionally it is used to create the seal that is required to prevent air from entering the chamber between the Liner and the penis.

We measure our Liner material by laying it flat and measuring across. We stock the following widths of Liner material:

Our Liner material is sold in 30” lengths and the majority of our users can install it with ease. We provide complete assembly instructions and are always available if you run into difficulty with your installation.

Our End Caps are Designed to Fit All Three Housings and are available in Three Forms:

All attachments utilize End Caps, except for the Head Massager. They are available in the following configurations: no valve, one valve, or two valves.

Which valve is right for me?

No Valve - If you have a good fit and no air leakage, you will get better results with no valve.

One Valve - This configuration allows for air that has infiltrated past the liner to be expelled. If you are experiencing some air infiltration, then this setup is best for you.

Two Valve - A two valve setup is best suited for users experiencing considerable leakage that is uncontrollable.

Additional Notes:

A Valve must be present for pumping
All Attachments ship with a One Valve End Cap
The End Cap is removable for quick and easy cleaning

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